Jocelyn Danby is a registered Master Saddle Fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers.

She will work with your horse and you to find the very best solution for both within your budget.
In many cases the saddle you have can be adjusted or altered to improve the fit and balance for you and your horse. Sometimes this can be done on site if it is a top up or rebalance of existing flocking.
Sometimes, especially with an older saddle, a complete reflock is required. There may also be other alterations required such as widening the gullet channel, adding or replacing girth straps and webs.
In this case we will need to take your saddle back to the workshop and bring it back to fit it once the work is complete.


Alternatively, we can advise you on the choice of a new saddle to best suit your horse, you, your chosen disciplines and your budget. We stock Fairfax, Kent & Masters, Thorowgood, GFS, Hastilow & Sons  and Black Country. We stock Prolite girths and pads. We also have a selection of second-hand saddles to suit
various budgets, this selection varies as saddles come in and out, but all second hand saddles are checked for soundness of the tree and are completely reflocked prior to being re-sold, so you can be sure that your saddle is sound and ready to go at the time of purchase.

Your saddle fitting appointment.

At the time of booking please provide the following information:
Name, address, phone number, postcode of yard and any directions needed. How many horses and saddles you have to be seen. If you need an existing saddle checked please inform us of the make and type of saddle and if it is flocked with wool, felt or air. If you are not sure don’t worry, we might be able to tell by asking you a few questions or from a photo. If you are looking for a new saddle,

please inform us of your chosen disciplines, and budget along with the details about horse and rider. Horse details; Name, age, height, breed/type, discipline, level of training. Any particular issues. Rider details; Age, height, build, discipline, experience, and any special details or problems.

On the day of the fitting appointment: Have all your tack, saddles, bridles, numnah, girth and pads you may use, and any accessories that
may be needed such as spare headplates, alternative girths etc, ready and available. Please ensure your horse is caught in good time, and is clean and dry. Please inform us if your horse has any tendency to kick or bite.

We will need to see your horse ridden so please ensure the rider is available. It is best if this is the usual rider as the saddle must fit the rider too and can also be influenced in different ways by different riders, but if this is not possible for any reason please discuss this with us beforehand. If there is a particular reason why the horse cannot be ridden e.g. not yet backed, please also discuss
this with us beforehand.

An indoor or outdoor school (with a jump or two if relevant) where we can see the horse ridden is ideal, but we recognise that this is not always possible. A dry level paddock or field is the next best thing, or at the very least we need an area where the horse can be seen ridden in walk, trot and canter. If you do not have access to anywhere suitable please consider hiring a near by facility where
we can meet you.

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